Dubai is a city that has been known for its luxury and glamour. Every year, tourists from all over the world come to Dubai to celebrate New Year's Eve with their family and friends. While there are many places that you can visit during this occasion, we have narrowed down our list of the top 5 best spots to enjoy the New Years' Great Fireworks in Dubai.

Stunning Burj Khalifa Fireworks Show

Stunning Burj Khalifa Fireworks Show

The Burj Khalifa is the best place to see fireworks. It’s also an ideal spot for New Year celebrations, as it offers a 360-degree view of Dubai and its lights up at night. The Burj Khalifa can be reached by taking public transport or via the free Sama Dubai app that gives directions to different points around town.

If you’re celebrating with friends or family, make sure you reserve your tickets early so you don’t miss out!

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island in the Persian Gulf, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. It's home to some of the world's most expensive real estate, including Atlantis Hotel.

The island itself is shaped like a hand with five fingers extending from it: two smaller ones (the Arabian Gulf) and three larger ones (the Persian Gulf). This structure creates beautiful views for visitors who want to take pictures or enjoy sunsets over its waters.

If you're looking for something less expensive than staying on an entire resort then consider renting one of these apartments!

Overnight Dubai Desert Safari

Overnight Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is a one-of-a-kind experience. The tour takes you to the sand dunes and wide open desert, where you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. You will be able to see camel rides and other exciting activities that are only available to guests of this special event.

The New Year Dubai desert safari includes a visit to Rashidiyeh Fort where you can get up close with animals that have been there since ancient times. You will also have time for photo opportunities while exploring other parts of Dubai Desert Safari including camel rides, jeep safaris through vast expanses of sand dunes covered in vegetation or simply taking pictures while sitting on top of your vehicle as it rolls down the steep inclines towards its destination at the end of each journey!

What To Bring: Comfortable shoes (for walking) - depending on what type of weather conditions exist during your trip may require extra protection against them causing blisters or cuts on feet/legs which could lead to infection later down the cycle if not treated properly beforehand by applying antiseptic cream such as Vaseline before stepping out onto dry ground again afterward."

Dhow Cruise Dinner

If you want to enjoy the best New Year's Eve celebrations in Dubai, then the New Year Dhow Cruise Dinner is a perfect choice. The cruise will take place on December 31, 2022 and it is hosted by the best chefs in Dubai. You can indulge in a traditional dhow boat dinner with live music and dancing by your side.

Luxury Yacht Tour

Luxury Yacht Tour

The best way to celebrate the New Year in Dubai is by taking a luxury yacht tour. A luxury yacht will take you on an unforgettable ride through the city and its surroundings, giving you a chance to see all that Dubai has to offer.

You can book your own New Year yacht party Dubai or a private limousine or choose from one of our available fleets of yachts for your trip around town. The yachts are equipped with all modern amenities such as Wi-Fi internet access, satellite TV channels, and even power sockets for charging your devices! You also have access to our onboard bar where we have stocked up some great drinks ready for you when it's time for celebrations on board!

Our team will work hard to ensure nothing but perfection during each part of this experience so make sure not to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Each year, tourists from all over the world come to Dubai to celebrate New Year's Eve. Here is a list of the top 5 best spots to enjoy the New Years' Great Fireworks in Dubai.

In addition to the fireworks, there are a number of activities that you can do on New Year's Eve. These include:

  • Burj Khalifa - The world's tallest building is an excellent place to watch the fireworks display. It offers stunning views of Dubai and panoramic views of the city.
  • Palm Jumeirah - This man-made island is home to luxury hotels as well as hundreds of other attractions including shopping malls, golf courses, and beach resorts. You can also visit one of its many museums or enjoy some sports activities at one of its beaches (such as sailing).
  • Dubai Desert Safari - This tour takes you through some beautiful parts of the desert where you'll see camel rides, firework displays, and plenty more fun things!


In conclusion, Dubai is a great place to celebrate New Year's Eve. There are many exciting places and events to choose from. You can also get the best view of the fireworks by booking a hotel stay in one of these hotels and using the free shuttle service that will take you directly to your destination with no waiting time.